1591104If you UNDERSTAND and CONTROL your financial affairs, you will run a better business.

With EmmA, you stop recording transactions “after they happen” just for the benefit of compliance reporting. From day one, financial events are tracked from “likely to happen” to “just happened” for the benefit of the business itself.

Don’t worry if you’re not a qualified bookkeeper; if you can think logically you can use EmmA. EmmA is the perfect accounting system for anyone with under 50 employees – small business, partnerships, non-profit organizations etc.

Although designed for small organizations, EmmA is packed with features to make your business run more smoothly and more profitably:
multi-currency invoicing, receipts & reporting
multiple cost centres
invoice and cheque printing
asset register
user-defined reporting
intercompany trading

Don’t let the fact that it’s FREE fool you – EmmA is the best tool for controlling your business.

EmmA is a FREE product. You can use it without any payment to Atac as long as you do not resell it. However, you do need to register it with Atac.

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