Output Manager

Output Manager (including Output Enhancement)

Output Manager is an open, industrial strength, output management solution that incorporates flexible print stream transformation, centralized resource management and output device independence.  Output Manager provides freedom from proprietary print streams and vendors, enabling you to tailor a solution to meet your business output needs.

Turn the printstream you’ve got into the printstream you want.  Change one print format (AFP, PCL, PDF, Postscript, VPS and Xerox) into another (AFP, IJPDS, IPDS, PCL, PDF, Postscript, TIFF, VPS and Xerox) – as you’re printing – and then send to any output channel.

Features include: shutterstock_443717680a
– Industrial-strength performance
– Real-time transformations
– Print and electronic outputs
– Full colour support
– Blindingly-fast throughput
– Open, multi-vendor support
– Intelligent resource management
– Core Automated Document Factory component

Output Enhancement can revitalize your business documents and transform your existing production facility into a state of the art ‘Intelligent’ document production centre.  It provides the ability to re-engineer, on the fly, documents within the print stream, including:

Atac Emtex template presentation V2– Correct and enhance legacy printstreams
– Replace pre-printed stationery with electronic forms
– Revitalize existing black and white documents into colour
– Generate electronic document delivery for archive or web presentment
– Conditionally add and personalise electronic inserts, eliminating pre-printed inserts
– Create trans-promo (one-to-one) communications from legacy documents
– Re-engineer documents, limited only by your imagination
– Maximise postal discounts via address-cleansing & DPID addition
– Enforce document integrity through barcode addition and/or manipulation

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