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Below are several recent articles we’ve published.

3rd Quarter, 2020

BlueCrest releases Output Manager and Output Enhancement 3.1.6
BHCS 7.2.x – Version Differences
BHCS 7.2.x Feature Additions

2nd Quarter, 2020

Barr Custom Filters
Using Output Manager for Virtual Insertions
Software, Service and Support since 1967

1st Quarter, 2020

Barr Systems Releases BHCS
Barr and Output Manager Integration
Output Manager Support for PDF/UA

4th Quarter, 2019

BHCS Routing Assignments
Output Enhancement (Emtex VDE) Programming
Barr Connectivity Hardware

3rd Quarter, 2019

Output Manager 3.1 Released
BHCS Memory Leak Plugged
Barr Diagnostics

2nd Quarter, 2019

Output Manager of Choice
Barr Central Website
Output Manager Indexing

1st Quarter, 2019

Output Enrichment VDE Script Editor
Output Enrichment VDE Script Debugger
Determining File Formats

4th Quarter, 2018

Barr Host Communications Suite
Output Manager Professional Services
Print/Channel Architecture
Yes, but how fast is it?