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Below are several recent articles we’ve published.

3rd Quarter, 2022

BHCS & SQL Connectivity
Output Manager & Output Enhancement Documentation
NJE vs RJE – A Technical Comparison

2nd Quarter, 2022

BHCS – Services, Rights and Permissions
Barr IPDS Converter
Output Manager – a PSF/IPM Replacement

1st Quarter, 2022

Taking Legacy Xerox Print Back Inhouse
Barr Systems Releases BHCS
Barr Host Communications Suite – Licensing and Activation

4th Quarter, 2021

Barr Systems Releases BHCS
Getting Legacy Print Streams Under Control
Output Manager (Emtex) Processing Speed

3rd Quarter, 2021

Bluecrest Releases Output Manager (Emtex) 3.2
Barr LPR/LPD Transfers
Barr Host Communications Server – Licensing & Activation

2nd Quarter, 2021

Barr Systems’ latest BHCS Releases 7.1.50 and
Output Manager (Emtex) JQM Settings
Deconstructing & Mining Print Data

1st Quarter, 2021

BHCS to BHCS File Transfers
Insight Business Performance Softward
Output Manager Reprints

4th Quarter, 2020

Output Manager – Forms Overlay Processing
PDF Best Practice Guidelines
BHCS ALA Reminders