By itself, having the best software & hardware technology doesn’t create the best business solutions.  It also takes people with the right expertise & experience to make it happen and produce the desired result.

Atac’s professional services staff are S. E .Asia’s leading consultants for both Output Manager and BHCS product lines, with over 20 years’ experience implementing & supporting over 200 installations throughout the region.  We understand the strategic and day-to-day issues that affect both in-house and commercial organisations that handle large-volume transactional communications, and we bring a wealth of expertise from the diverse nature of our regional client base. shutterstock_300116735

We can help your organisation in all phases of evaluation, implementation and beyond:
– Planning and Technical Design
– Proof-of-Concept
– Installation and Configuration
– Training
– Integration
– Ongoing Support

Initial Planning and Proof-of-Concept work is typically done free of charge, as is post-sale Installation and Configuration, and on-site trial systems can be arranged on an as-needs basis.  We can also create custom Client- or Job-specific scripting solutions should that be required.

It’s the combination of the best software technology and Atac’s expertise that produces business solutions that can operate in mission-critical situations.

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